Drum; 10in; 3.5K; 5 on 4.5; Complete Assembly

This drum fits 3,500lb axles with #84 spindles. Compatible with standard trailer axles from most manufacturers. Use with electric or hydraulic brakes. Fits import or domestic manufacturers of axles and braking components.


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Manufacturer: Dexter
Specs: Works with 10″x 2″ brake assemblies Actual drum dimensions: 10-15/16″ diameter x 2-3/8″ wide Bolt pattern: 5 on 4-1/2″ Wheel studs: 1/2″ NF Grease cap diameter: 2.44″ Weight capacity: 3,000 lbs

Includes: Bearings, Races, Seal, wheel nuts and grease cap Parts Brake Down: Inner bearing: 25580 (1.75″ inner diameter) X 1 Outer bearing:15123 (1.25″ inner diameter) X 1 Inner race: 25520 X 1 Outer race: 15245 X 1 Grease seal : 10-36 (3.376″ OD and 2.25″ ID, Double lip) X 1 Wheel Nuts: X1023R ( 1/2″ NF open ended) X 6 Grease Cap: 45896 X 1


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