BP; Hydraulic; 10 x 2-1/4in; L/H free backing

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  • Brake Backing Plate
  • Hydraulic; 3500lb
  • 10in x 2-1/4in
  • L/H
  • Free Backing
Key Features:
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Length: 41 in
  • Tip Quantity: 2
  • Inlet Inside Diameter: 2.25 in
  • Outlet Outside Diameter: 2.25 in


SKU B10H-72
Country Japan
Part Number BDX-750Z370-S
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Hydraulice free backing brakes incorporates a “fall-away” shoe which diminishes shoe drag when backing up. This allows backing up without A: using manuel or electonic lock outs and B: backing up without applying the trailer brakes. These brakes requires periodic manual adjustment.
Marine-grade hydraulic drum brake assembly is great for boat trailers
Designed for use with surge-type trailer brake actuators
Sturdy, corrosion-resistant steel construction

Galvanized backing plate
Stainless steel spring hardware
Plated wheel cylinder
Riveted marine brake shoe

Left hand: Drivers side
Dimensions: 10″ diameter x 2-1/4″ wide
Individual brake rating: 1750lbs
Mounting flange bolt pattern: 4 on 4″
Wheel size: 13″ – 15″
Axle rating: up to 3500lbs

Note: This brake assembly is compatible with any surge brake actuator rated for drum brakes (1000PSI rated)





Part Number





41 in

Tip Quantity


Inlet Inside Diameter

2.25 in

Outlet Outside Diameter

2.25 in

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