BP; Hydraulic; 10 x 2-1/4in; L/H free backing

  • Brake Backing Plate
  • Hydraulic; 3500lb
  • 10in x 2-1/4in
  • L/H
  • Free Backing


SKU B10H-72
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Hydraulice free backing brakes incorporates a “fall-away” shoe which diminishes shoe drag when backing up. This allows backing up without A: using manuel or electonic lock outs and B: backing up without applying the trailer brakes. These brakes requires periodic manual adjustment.
Marine-grade hydraulic drum brake assembly is great for boat trailers
Designed for use with surge-type trailer brake actuators
Sturdy, corrosion-resistant steel construction

Galvanized backing plate
Stainless steel spring hardware
Plated wheel cylinder
Riveted marine brake shoe

Left hand: Drivers side
Dimensions: 10″ diameter x 2-1/4″ wide
Individual brake rating: 1750lbs
Mounting flange bolt pattern: 4 on 4″
Wheel size: 13″ – 15″
Axle rating: up to 3500lbs

Note: This brake assembly is compatible with any surge brake actuator rated for drum brakes (1000PSI rated)