Bushing; 9/16in ID x 3/4in OD x 1-3/4in long

  • Bushing
  • 9/16in ID x 3/4in OD x 1-3/4in long


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This nylon bushing is designed for use with over size (well worn) 1-3/4 wide trailer suspension systems. It inserts into the eyelet of a leaf spring to ensure proper sizing for suspension bolts. Typicaly used in double eyed leaf sprung suspension system.

Inner diameter: 9/16″
Outer diameter: 3/4″
Length: 1-3/4″
Material: Nylon

Use with: Suspension bolt part # 9163B and nut part # 916DLN

* This bushing is for over sized spring eyelet. Does not fit standard spring. Designed for use where spring eyelets show extreme wear.